It’s taken me a while to embrace the Twitterverse, but already I’m seeing how important this communication and social medium really is. I’m learning as much as I can as I go along and from time to time I’ll share with you some of the things I learn.

When Twitter was first taking off as the latest and greatest social medium, many believed it to be a resource that would appeal mostly to consumers. Today, however, business people are becoming more and more aware of Twitter as a tool to build Business-to-Business (B2B) sales.

So if your target market is other businesses, then you’ll find that Twitter is now pretty much crucial for interacting with B2B brands, potential clients and competitors.

Here are a few big ways that Twitter can impact your B2B sales.

• Actively Projecting Your Brand

Your brand doesn’t have to be passive and Twitter is perhaps the only avenue where blasting out your brand regularly is not only accepted, but encouraged.

You can’t email your potential clients every day without repercussions. But you can absolutely tweet every day, keeping your brand in front of potential clients, while actually building rather than burning goodwill.

• Networking Your Way to New Contacts

If there’s someone in your space that you want to meet, Twitter can be a great way to get around the red tape.

It can be very hard to meet someone in a crowded seminar or to get through their gatekeeper. But if you have their Twitter handle, you can start to build a connection on the social network that can then develop into an offline connection.

Start by following them. Retweet their tweets and @reply to any requests from them with helpful resources. Get on their radar. Eventually, when an opportunity presents itself to introduce yourself, do so and they’ll likely already know who you are.

• Find Their Pain Points

Twitter can be a powerful way of keeping track of exactly what’s going on in an industry. You can use it to figure out what your clients are up to, what your competitors are up to, and what your clients’ competitors are up to.

Let’s say a competitor of a big potential client launches a new product. It stands a good chance of taking a big chunk out of your client’s business.

That could be a stellar opportunity to come in and offer to help. It may or may not result in immediate business for you, but that offer for help will definitely turn into goodwill that can later turn into business.

Use Twitter to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry and identify the pain points of potential clients.

• Tapping into B2B Events

B2B events will often have their own Twitter feeds. That can be a very powerful way to participate with your ideal target market.

For example, let’s say Convention Y is having all their participants tweet to #conventionychat.

By participating actively on #conventionychat, you can build up a brand for yourself among potential leads at an event. Start doing this a few weeks before the event. By the time the actual event rolls around, a lot of people there will already know who you are.

These are just a few ways that Twitter can boost your B2B sales. Twitter isn’t just a tool for consumers, but can be a powerful tool for building goodwill and gathering intelligence for making B2B sales.

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