Wow! I did it. I almost don’t believe it.

You see, I’m the champion when it comes to breaking commitments that I make to myself.

If I make a commitment to a client, you can be that I’ll bend over backwards if that’s what it takes to meet their deadline. For myself? Not so much.

But at the first of the month — May 2012 — I made the commitment that I would write a new blog post for everyday of the month and I did it.

I did it!! And all I can say is “thank goodness for the schedule feature in WordPress.”

Last month I was at a fabulous one day marketing workshop where I learned a ton of great stuff. And one thing I’d not really thought about that you might want to consider, too, is that Google loves it when you blog on a regular basis. Google loves new content.

You may have not been blogging on a regular basis because you thought that if no one was coming around to read what you wrote, then what would be the point?

The point is this: Google is reading your blog! Well, maybe, not “reading” it but certainly indexing it and at the same time, moving you up in page rank as you blog more and more.

Don’t worry if your peeps aren’t reading your blog.
They will, they will, I promise. But in the meantime, write anyway and let Google love you up.

So now that I’ve proven to myself that blogging ain’t that hard and that there’s always something to blog about, I will be blogging a lot more often. Maybe not every day, but who knows? I’m in the habit now, why quit?

Stay tuned.

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