Cry for Help!This past week I was doing some work with a self-employed coaching friend of mine who is struggling to decide what it is she can offer to her clients. As we chatted, she started telling me about her history — her struggles, her fears, and how she’s managed to work through some difficult times. Talking about it nearly brought us both to tears.

And in a moment of frustration with herself, she said something very telling: “I just want to help other women in similar circumstances to get through their struggles easier and more quickly than I have.”

And I said, “There’s your answer! Your business – your offerings – can be found right there in your own mess. Use that mess to build your business. There are lots of people out there who could use your help.”

It was like the proverbial light bulb came on for both of us.

As I move forward in my own business, it has become more and more apparent that within my own “mess” is my business.
And I’ll share a lot more with you about that soon.

In the meantime, though, what is YOUR mess? If you’ve been struggling to really define your business – to discover what it is you can bring to the table for your potential clients — take a look at that one thing that you most desire for other people to know or have and see if it’s something you can provide.

By looking at your “mess” – the areas of your life or business where you’ve struggled the most and learned a lot – that’s precisely what you could be helping other people in similar circumstances with through your business.

Schedule an appointment nowIf you’d like to discuss your “mess” and how that might relate to your business. I’m available to chat.
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