June is Do-It-Yourself Marketing Month…

and I’m celebrating in a big way by focusing this entire month on sharing with you all the great DIY marketing ideas, tips, tools, and resources that I know work! I’m giving away some great DIY Guidebooks and some other goodies, and hosting 4 teleclasses, all designed to help you grow your business to six figures and beyond!

My biggest goals are to help you find the direction your business needs to go in and to coach you into loving marketing as much as I do!


So if you’ve ever said, “I hate marketing!” then be sure that you join me all month long to discover for a variety of ways that will take the doldrums out of your marketing efforts (or lack thereof). Let’s have some fun together and learn good marketing stuff. It’s all free for you, but the value is priceless. Learn from my mistakes and move much faster than I ever did!

You see, for the longest time my business and my marketing were just a mess. Oh, I knew what to do, and I was doing all the right things, but not getting anywhere fast. And that’s because I hadn’t taken the time to figure out the direction I wanted my business to go and what marketing strategies would really be the best ones to get me there.

You may be in the same place and I’d love for you to get out of there! You may be marketing like crazy, doing the things the gurus keep telling you to do and yet, you’re stuck. Your income has stalled. You might even think the economy has something to do with it.

Let’s discover together how to clean up your marketing (and business) mess and grow our businesses together.


To get all the goodies I’ve got in store for you, all you have to do is register. There’s no charge. You can register here: Register for DIY Marketing Month Celebration

These are the not-to-be-missed teleclasses I’ll be presenting starting on Wed., June 6th. All classes are recorded and will be made available to those who are registered. (And registering once will get you all the info for each of the 4 teleclasses after you confirm. Just watch your inbox for the announcements.)

Teleclass #1: Clear The Marketing Roadblocks That Are Slowing Down Your Business
Awareness is always the first step to meaningful change. In this interactive teleclass we’ll take a look at 17 common roadblocks to successful marketing that you may be experiencing. You’ll score yourself and discover where you land on the “Roadblock Scale” and what you can do about any areas that need improvement. There are things here that you may not have thought about before.

Teleclass #2: Scaling Your Money Mountain
This exercise did more to help me focus on my business and what I need to be offering in the way of products, services, and the marketing for each one, than just about anything else I’ve ever done, and I’m excited to be sharing this with you. At the end of the class you’ll have your own money mountain plan that will help you take your prospects from simply being leads all the way to buying your top tier programs. Put all four levels into place and watch your money mountain grow. We’ll be discussing each level and what you need in place on each one so that you can build trust and take your business to six figures and beyond.

Teleclass #3: Marketing to the InBox Weary
People are so overwhelmed with the volume of email marketing messages they receive each day — including yours — that they are becoming more and more selective about just which ones they’ll actually open and read and the ones that they delete or send to the dreaded “read later” folder. (We all know that “later” almost always never comes.) It doesn’t matter if these people opted-in to your list or not, they soon forget why they did so. There are a variety of reasons for this and we’ll discuss those plus I’ll share with you my best relationship building strategies so that people will more likely open, read AND take action on your email messages when they arrive. Not to be missed!

Teleclass #4: Likable! Be Amazing on Social Media Networks
Would you like to delight your clients and customers, build an irresistible brand, and be amazing on Facebook and other social media networks? Everybody is telling you that you HAVE to be involved in social media but you may have no idea why, or how social media can really help you grow your business. And maybe social media is not for you and your business. In a mini-poll I just conducted recently, I discovered that many business people are relying solely on social media to try to grow their business. (A big mistake actually, which we’ll be discussing in Teleclass #3, so be sure you catch that one.) In this class we’ll explore your social media options and how you can be amazing on each one, be likable and use them as tools to grow your business.


When you REGISTER (and confirm that it’s okay to add you to the announcement list) you’ll be registered for all 4 of the teleclasses. You’ll receive a valuable study guide the day before each class is held along with the call-in information for each call. Yes, all classes will be recorded, but you’ll get a lot more out of each one and move ahead more quickly if you come to the classes live as they are presented.

If you’re tired of playing small in your business and you’re serious about going to an entirely new level of success and fulfillment, then take advantage of everything I’m offering this month. The only way you’ll get access to everything as we celebrate together each week is to sign up to receive the announcements about each gift and event.

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