Have you noticed how uncivil our society has become?

Graphic image of the word hello in pretty handwritingFrom nasty responses on social media to video recordings showing people doing mean things to other people, all the way across our political spectrum. It saddens me and makes my heart hurt.

So I was quite delighted when I learned that today (Nov. 21st) is World Hello Day.

(I would have told you about it sooner if I had known sooner.)

The purpose of World Hello Day is quite simple; it is to promote peace all over the world, and bridge barriers between every nationality. The observance of World Hello Day began back in 1973 in response to the conflict between Israel and Egypt. Since that time, over 180 countries have taken part in the event.

Taking part is easy. You just say hello and give a good day greeting to at least 10 people you meet today! You can certainly do this with your family and friends, but I suggest that you be brave and reach out to everyone you meet today.

A peaceful world can only be achieved if we all join together to make it happen. You’ll be amazed at what a smile, a nod, and a spoken hello can do for people. You’ll probably make their day!

Let’s show our world leaders that we should try to create peace through talking — not through being violent to one another!

Just for fun, you may want to learn how to say hello in several different languages. This website will help. Then you can be sure to get your message across no matter whom you meet!

So “hello” or “hola” or “bonjour” or “guten tag” or “aloha” or “buon giorno.”

Have a great weekend!