One of the reasons that my partner and I decided to get on the road and live the life of nomads for the last five years was our realization that “we ain’t getting’ any younger” and if we truly wanted to enjoy this dream, then we should do it sooner rather than later.

So after a year of planning and unloading ourselves of all of our “stuff” we hit the road and have been having a ball ever since. (Yep, that’s my “house” over there parked on the ocean near Ventura, CA.)

I was reminded recently that we had made the right decision after meeting a French family here in the RV park where we are currently perched in the Palm Springs area.

This family was close to ending a year-long journey throughout the United States by RV. They had been to just about everywhere, having traveled in that one year even far more extensively than we have in five years. They had had a wonderful time and were feeling a bit melancholy about it coming to an end.

They told us that they, too, had felt that “we ain’t gettin’ any younger” pull and they wanted to give something to their young son that he would remember forever. So they had quit their jobs, flew to the United States and bought an RV, and spent the last year traveling and falling in love with this country (and each other all over again; I love that part best of all).

Now, I have no idea what resources these people have in order to take a year off from their jobs and do nothing but travel, but somehow they found a way to make their dream come true. Just like I did when I decided I wanted to live my life without roots for awhile.

And on this weekend when we’re all contemplating the various freedoms we enjoy, I’m wondering if there is a dream in you that you aren’t fulfilling because you can’t see how you could make it happen? A dream about your own freedom, perhaps?

Now, I’m not suggesting that you chuck it all and buy an RV and start living on the road, but I am suggesting that if you have some dream that is burning a hole in your heart, then open yourself to the possibility that somehow — without trying to figure out that somehow right now — you could make it happen. And, hopefully, sooner rather than later, because you know, ain’t any of us gettin’ any younger.

How about you? What’s your dream? You know, when you write it down and put it “out there” somehow the wheels get set in motion to bring it to us. Take a risk. Put it out there.