Olympics People holding winning cupWith the summer Olympics in full swing right now, I’ve been getting a lot of email promotions from marketers tying their message to the games. Most of them have a subject line that contains some variation on “Go for the gold.”

I’ve always thought it a great idea to tie promotions to various events, special day or monthly designations, and to current news events whenever you can.

Depending on your business and your niche, you can likely come up with any number of promotions throughout the year, and the Olympics could be just one of them.

The entire month of August has been named “Happiness Happens Month” and August 8th in particular is Happiness Happens Day.

If you’re a coach or a holistic-type practitioner, isn’t that a lot of what you’re selling? Happiness? Use that day in particular as a day to reach out to potential clients using the “happiness” benefit along with a special offer.

August is also National Inventor’s Month, Coffee Month, Hug Month (I really love that one), Golf Month, and Romance Awareness Month.

For example, celebrating Romance Awareness Month, you could play off the idea that being romantic isn’t just for February.

August 1-7 is Simplify Your Life Week. This is not just for organizers, but for anybody who has a business that helps other people. One of the big mistakes we make as marketers is to think that certain topics might not 100% match what we offer, but who cares? People just want two things: great valuable information they can use, and to be entertained.

August 13-17th is Weird Contest Week. What kind of odd ball contest could you hold to entice people to enter? The benefit to you is that you get names and addresses to market to later. One year I had a contest to win a pack of Aqua Notes. (I get my best ideas in the shower and acqua notes lets you capture your ideas while in there, wet or not.)

August 20-26th is Friendship Week. Invite your clients to “bring a friend” for whatever event, teleclass or promotion you’re hosting. If you’re doing a live, paid workshop, invite your attendees to bring along a friend at no extra charge. A variation on this is that if someone brings two paid friends to your event, that person gets in for nothing. The variations on this are endless!

And don’t forget special days in August, too.

August 1st is the full moon. Perhaps you could organize a moon-light hike in your community. Or “go crazy” and offer all your stuff at half price.

August 2nd is Take a Friend to Lunch Day. Think of your clients as friends and offer them something special for “friends only.” If you have a virtual business, this would be a great time to do a “lunch and learn” teleclass. Everyone brings their own lunch and eat while you teach. It could be a great excuse to make that follow up call to the prospect you really want to reach and take them out for lunch.

August 10th is Candid Camera Day. Go out and take pictures at random and videos and post to your site or to YouTube. Post to your Facebook page. Try to catch someone or some thing doing something funny. Ask permission if it’s okay to publish.

August 17th is 3 Marketing Tips Day. Guess what you’ll be getting on August 17th? But just because you may not be in the marketing biz, you could still use this day to send out 3 of your very best tips relating to your business or industry.

August 22nd is Be An Angel Day. Get out and do something nice for someone. Or plan something especially nice for your clients and prospects.

August 27th is Customer Education Day.
What can you do on this day to educate your customers or clients about the benefits you offer when people work with you. Just be sure to make it all about them and not sound too self-serving.

August 31st is Eat Outside Day. If you have a local business, invite your prospects and clients for a picnic in the park.

There are many other monthly and daily designations that people have created that you can take advantage of to market your business and your services. Get more ideas from Chase’s Calendar of Events Or from Heidi Richards’ Quirky Marketing Calendar

Let me know in the Comments below what you’ll be doing to celebrate the month of August with your clients.