Time is Money PhotoGoing to keep this short today because I don’t want to keep you from getting your work done so you can get out and play!

Do you lack motivation in the summer?

Summer should be about having fun, getting outside and maybe getting away from it all. I was recently on a plane seated next to a guy who had just come back from Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. I said, “it sounds like you were off playing and I’ve been off working.”

He told me he is a teacher and so he has the whole summer off. That sounded really nice. Being able to take the whole summer off. I dreamed for a moment of what that might be like.

Of course, if you’re like me and you’ve got a business to run you don’t likely have the luxury of avoiding work all summer long like my teacher friend does. Sometimes, we’ve just got to roll up our sleeves and get busy, and that’s not always easy if you work from home. I’m sure you can relate, so here are some tips to help keep you motivated this summer.

Work hours are your friend: I talked about this in the previous “avoiding summer distractions” post, but the same thing applies here too. Plain and simple, when you know when you’re supposed to work, you’re more likely to do it. If you leave your days wide open and think you’ll squeeze work in somewhere, it’s probably not going to happen.

Focus on what you like doing: There’s nothing worse than dreading something on your to-do list. Not only do you procrastinate from getting that one thing done, but it can remove your motivation to do anything at all. Always focus on what you’re good at and enjoy. Hire others or take on a partner to do the things you despise, but that they enjoy. I’ve never understood why some people love crunching numbers and doing the accounting, but I’m so glad that they do.

Set summer goals: While you may not be working as diligently in the summer as you do at other times of the year, it’s still a great idea to set some goals for yourself. Establish daily, weekly and monthly goals. Make them challenging, yet attainable and outline the steps you’re going to take to achieve them.

Reward yourself: When you accomplish a goal, give yourself a reward. Whether it’s a camping trip, a weekend away or simply an iced tea on the patio while reading a good book, everyone likes to have their work appreciated. So appreciate yourself already!

Give yourself a break sometimes: As entrepreneurs, we can be pretty hard on ourselves. We try to pack so much in, we create ridiculously long to-do lists, and then beat ourselves up when we don’t get every single item done. Always re-evaluate your work plan and adjust it to make sure you get the most important things done first, then let those other things wait.

The real lesson here is to know what you want to get done during the summer. Create a plan for getting all the important things done but be prepared to adjust it where necessary or when the pool is calling.

Of course, if your motivation has waned because business has slowed down, then that’s another problem entirely. I’ll talk about reviving a slow business in my next post.

Please share in the comment section below how you keep yourself motivated in the summer. Thanks!