For the last year of my life — maybe longer — yes, its definitely been longer — I’ve been making myself absolutely crazy.

Crazy, mainly because I have so many interests, so many things I think I’d like to do, and wanting, desperately, to be all things to all people.

Now, if one of my clients were trying to live their life that way I’d be saying, “whoa, whoa, whoa!”

So as we approach this new year — 2012 — the big one that promises so much — I decided to forgo making any resolutions and to forgo making any goals.

Whoa! No goals? Really?

Well, maybe just one: to be happy. Happy no matter what I’m doing and no matter what my circumstances happen to be.

Instead of a list of resolutions and goals with timelines and end dates, I’m going to live my life with more intention about those things that truly matter to me and with full consciousness.

I’m inspired by a couple of different people. One being Leo Babauta, of ZenHabits and author of the book, The Power of Less, who says that three things significantly changed his life:

  • establishing habits he enjoyed
  • simplifying his life
  • and living with no goals,

the other big influence being Joshua Fields Millburn of The Minimalists, and particularly his recent essay at Leo’s site, 100 Days With No Goals.

My typical way of being has been to create seeming endless lists of tasks and goals, trying to go through all the motions of making things happen, which usually has ended up just making me feel overwhelmed. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I accomplish a lot, but I think where my real problem lies is in always feeling like I’m not accomplishing enough.

It’s time to stop that. Particularly, to stop beating myself up and to get off that self-imposed guilt-trip.

So this next year is going to be all about happiness and enjoyment and consciousness.

I’m going to…

  • Enjoy my life. All of it.
  • Enjoy my new home.
  • Enjoy the traveling I will be doing.
  • Enjoy doing only work that makes my heart sing.

Will I accomplish anything? Oh, yes! Probably more than I ever have in my life!

How about you? How do you want to live in 2012? (Please comment below if you feel moved to do so. I always love it when you share.)