#2-Best Email Marketing Tips…

If you don’t have an opt-in form on your site, you will have no opportunity to communicate with the vast majority of your visitors ever again.

Email Red with Arrow GraphicMost visitors to your site will likely only visit you once and if they don’t buy on that first visit — and it is highly likely that they won’t — you must have some way of continuing to communicate with them so they’ll think of you when they are ready to buy.

You must have an opt-in form on your site situated prominently so site visitors will join your list. The usual place for it, and this is where folks have been trained to look for it, is in the upper right quadrant of your site. In fact, you should place this opt-in form on ALL pages of your site, as you never know where someone will land when they arrive at your site. This is especially true if they’re coming in from a Google search.

These days, people aren’t likely to join your list if you just ask them but they will join if you offer them a reason to do so. Like an ethical bribe. A special report or an ebook that will solve one of their more pressing problems.

Every reputable email service provider — autoresponder service — will provide the code to place on your site. You can have no excuse, get that opt-in form on your site now.