You know, as a law of attraction practitioner and trainer, I encounter a lot of other LOA teachers who spend a lot of time telling folks that their lives will improve immensely if they just “think positively.”

Well, for sure, thinking positively is right up there with ensuring that you get what you want, but these same teachers really don’t teach you anything about managing the negativity that is so prevalent and that so easily takes over your thoughts.

No matter how hard you try to maintain that positive attitude, that positive thinking mindset, it’s the nefarious negative thinking, the doubt you have, that stops you from getting the things you say you want.

And unless you learn to manage that negativity, what you say you want will never be yours. Control the negativity and positivity will naturally come as a result.

Here are 3 formulas for you to consider:

Strong desire + strong doubt = no manifestation

Strong desire + some doubt = some manifestation

Strong desire + no doubt (full certainty) = total manifestation

You probably have a strong desire for something. Maybe it’s for more of your ideal clients, maybe it’s to meet the love of your life, or maybe it’s for greater abundance.

But if every time you think about your strong desire you hear a voice in the back of your head telling you that you can’t have that, whatever it is, that’s the voice of doubt canceling out your desire.

In the third class for the Law of Attraction for Business, we spend a lot of time learning how to overcome this voice of doubt that is stopping you from getting what you say you want.

You can tell by the 3 formulas shown above that the amount of doubt you have (and doubt is a negative feeling or emotion) is directly proportional to how much of your desire that you’ll receive.

So how do you overcome these feelings of doubt?

Well, one way we’ve been taught is to recite affirmations. But that only works if the affirmation is true for you, and the traditional way of creating and using affirmations too often has just the opposite of its intended effect. Done wrong, affirmations just perpetuate the negative feelings.

Another way is changing the words we use. If you find yourself constantly saying the words Don’t, Not and No, the law of attraction actually gives you more of what you say you don’t want because it doesn’t “hear” the words don’t, not, no but actually responds to whatever comes after that.

My mission in sharing and teaching about the deliberate use of the law of attraction is not only help you find ways to express more positivity but to also eliminate the negative doubt that nags at you just about all the time.

I’ll address these issues in the free Introduction to LOA for Business Teleclass Wednesday, September 20th at 4:00 PM Eastern time. It’s free, but click here to register for the call-in info.

And you know, whatever you learn about LOA for Business works just as well for everything else happening in your life, as well. Growing your business may be the focus, but living a great life all around is the byproduct. Join me if you can.

So, can you see why learning to deal with negativity and doubt are probably way more important than just thinking positively?

Becoming a deliberate attractor of what you want is the key to a happy, positive life and a profitable business.

I’ve put together 20 Keys to Deliberate Attraction to help you keep this in mind as you go about your days.

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Have a really great week and know that I’m out here all the time rooting for your success.

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