#6-Best Email Marketing Tips…

Email Red with Arrow GraphicConfused about the difference between “double opt-in” and “confirmed opt-in”?

Don’t be. They mean the same thing.

The operative word here is: opt-in.

You absolutely never ever want to be seen as a spammer by your readers nor by your internet service provider.

What’s the definition of SPAM? Any unwanted email is considered spam. That’s why you must always have your subscribers opt-in to your list.

Of course opt-in can happen in a variety of ways, including someone completing a hand-written form giving you their permission to add them to your list.

Double opt-in means that your subscriber must confirm their desire to subscribe to your list before they’ll be added.

Single opt-in is still opt-in and simply means there is no confirmation required.

There’s no law that says you must use double opt-in, but it is a very good practice that is looked upon very favorably by the email service providers — autoresponder service providers — and is the best way to get top tier delivery rates.

Sending any email that can’t be delivered is wasted time and energy. Using Double Opt-In is the best insurance for getting your emails delivered on time, every time.


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