Booklet of SuccessIt used to be that when you were engaging prospects in a conversation about your business, say, at a networking event, they’d ask if you have a brochure. Today they ask if you have a website.

It’s a given that in the 21st Century world of business marketing you have to have a website to be seen as a credible business.

Sometimes this is a ploy to make you go away and leave them alone because they aren’t interested. You must be tuned in to that happening, of course, but if the person you’re talking to seems to be a likely prospect for you, and they show some interest in what you offer, they likely would want to pay a visit to your website.

When this happens you can do one of two things:

  1. Hand them your business card which has your website url printed on it and hope that they will actually visit your site. As a follow up you could call them and ask if they’ve had a chance to visit your site yet, although this will likely feel kind of pushy to both of you, or…
  2. You could hand them a printed brochure which has your website url printed on it along with your best selling copy and the benefits gained from getting the irresistible free gift you’re offering back at your site. If you’re lucky, they’ll go visit your site and get on your emailing list, but if they forget, they still have your brochure.

So even in this age of seemingly “everything Internet,” a good old-fashioned printed brochure still has its place.

Your brochure should act like a paper squeeze page.

This means that you should have one desired outcome when writing your brochure: get the reader to visit your website or online squeeze page and opt-in to your mailing list.

You’ve got six little panels to tell your story on and you can say a lot. But there’s no need to agonize over writing clever copy. List the benefits of why the reader must get your irresistible free gift and how their life will be different afterwards.

Then get them into as many hands as you can.

The cool thing is that if you’ve already got a squeeze page online, the copy is already written for your brochure. Or if you write the brochure, it will be easier to get a squeeze page up working for you.

All the best for your success,

P. S. Want to see a sample of a brochure like what I’m talking about here? If you live in the United States or Canada, email your complete postal mailing address to me and be sure to put Paper Squeeze Page in the subject line, and the sample will be on its way to you.