So, once again, I send something to my printer only to come back into the office to find dozens of pages all over the floor. Grrrr!

But double-Grrrrr! when I find that there are no page numbers on this document that I just printed!

It was somebody’s irresistible free gift that I just signed up to get. And even though it really is done with a gorgeous layout, is quite good and quite irresistible (just like all of our freebie offerings should be) leaving the page numbers off is just sloppy.

I see this again and again and there’s no excuse for it. It is a huge pet peeve of mine!

So make sure when you produce a document like your irresistible free ebook or special report, that no matter how many pages it has, put in the dang page numbers!

Your readers will be so grateful especially if it gets spewed out all over their floor.

And speaking of freebies: A group of my professional colleagues have put together a fabulous Giveaway Event where you can get access to some amazing business and marketing advice in short checklists and action plans. All for free.

Check it out here: Pathway2Profit: Quick Resources for Savvy Entrepreneurs