My nearly five-year old grandson is just full of questions. Most of them beginning with the word Why…?

If you’ve ever spent any time around little kids you know just how exasperating that can be sometimes.

But, the kids are on to something and to tell you the truth, I hope he never stops asking “why?”

Asking questions of the Universe is the way we find our next steps no matter what we’re engaged in. According to Noah St. John, if you ask a question, the Universe will not stop until it provides an answer for you.

The key is in being discerning enough to “hear” the answers. The answers I get often come from books or articles I read, shows I watch, from conversations I’m having with other people, while floating in the pool, during meditation, or in the shower or maybe even from Google. You just never know where the answer is going to come from.

And when you do get an answer, you’re likely to first think, ” Wow, how synchronistic! I was just thinking about that.” Well, yeah, you’re the one that asked the question!

AND, it is perfectly okay to ask the Universe for a “Sign” about something you are unsure about. If you pay attention you’ll see your sign.

Here are some questions you can ask.

What would it take for my business to be an invitation to anyone who wishes to change his or her life?

What is the way through this ___________________?

What is asking for my attention today? or What needs my attention today?

When it comes to ________________, what do I need to say, do, or be that is for the highest good of all?

Who am I best suited to serve?

What would it take to attract _______________________ to my business? or into my life?

What is trying to emerge in my life?

What roadblocks do I need to eliminate?

What is the most important thing I can do today?

What is my life’s purpose?

Michael Beckwith has this to say about asking questions and it’s the best way to sum this up that I can think of:

“Behind every problem is a question trying to ask itself.
Behind every question is an answer trying to be revealed.
Behind every answer is an action trying to take place.
And behind every action is a way of life trying to be born.”

There are so many questions you can ask. I’m sure you have plenty of your own. Feel free to share your questions in the comments below or share your experiences when you asked a question.

As I think of more questions I’ll come back here to add them. You can do the same.

Oh, one last thing: when you DO get your answer (and you will) be sure to say a word of thanks to the Universe for looking after you and providing the answers you seek.