#4-Best Email Marketing Tips…

Email Red with Arrow GraphicTake some time researching your autoresponder options, but don’t over-think it. It’s better to get your list started now.

Recently I helped a client get his entire email marketing program up and going and that included helping him choose an autoresponder service — or an ESP: Email Service Provider. You must use an ESP/autoresponder service for a variety of reasons which we’ll discuss in other tips. There are several out there that I can easily recommend, but choosing one all depends on your needs — now and for the future — and what situation you are currently in with your list.

If you don’t yet have a list started, then you must do that now. Don’t wait. If you are brand new to online business and just need to make a decision, you have a couple of good options: Aweber and MailChimp.

You can always change your provider later, but just remember, with some services, like Aweber, it is much easier to start with them than to try to go with them later.

If you need some help getting your email marketing program up and running including all the technical stuff that has to be done, my team and I will be glad to help you. Check out my Turn-Key Email Marketing Program to find out how you can have an email marketing program up and running fast.