Rise and Thrive: Adopting an Entrepreneurial Morning Mindset

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How to Spend Your Morning Like a Successful Entrepreneur

Every coach, business owner or entrepreneur seems to have a secret to their success.

For some, it’s an ability to think outside of the box and take risks. For others, it’s staying humble, even when faced with huge success. While every entrepreneur is different, you’ll notice that there are also some things that they seem to share.

For instance, talk to almost any successful coach or business owner and they’ll tell you that a good morning routine is the key to unlocking endless opportunities.

Here are some of the things you can do to spend your morning like a successful entrepreneur:

1. Wake up early. While you don’t have to be an early bird to get the worm in business, it often helps. According to Richard Branson, the entrepreneur behind the very successful Virgin brand, wherever he is in the world, he makes a concentrated effort to get up at 5am.

  • Branson believes that getting up early helps him to spend more time with his family before he gets down to business.
  • Try going to bed a little earlier than usual and waking up early too. Research consistently proves that many successful people wake up well before the workday begins. How could you spend an extra hour before your commute? Even if your commute is only as far as from the bedroom to your home office

2. Be prepared. How long do you spend each morning just trying to work out which tasks you should be tackling first? Figuring out a schedule can take a lot of crucial time for productivity out of your routine. That’s why it’s so helpful to plan ahead.

  • At the end of each workday, put ten minutes aside to make a list of the things you need to do first the next day. I have an alarm set in my phone to remind me each day to plan tomorrow.
  • This way, you can start your morning with a focus on what you need to get done and avoid anything that might put you on a path of procrastination.

3. Exercise. I know, I know. I hate it, too, and seem to have a hard time making the time for it, but exercise can really do incredible things for the body and mind. Studies show that regular exercise increases your energy levels and strengthens your cognitive abilities. A few minutes of sweating before work can also help you to clear your mind for the day ahead and reduce stress.

  • If you’re wondering how to use that extra thirty minutes or an hour  you’ve added to your morning each day by getting up earlier, a mini workout could be just the thing.
  • Follow up with a healthy breakfast to nourish your mind, kickstart your metabolism, and give you the energy you need to handle the day. Drink some cold water too. Huffington Post founder, Arianna Huffington, says she always starts her morning with a tall glass of water. Just 8 ounces is enough to get you going. And, of course, if plain water is not your thing, add lemon juice or a bit of Mia to it.

4. Do the toughest job first. Trying to plan your day to facilitate success? Start with the toughest task first. The idea of “eating the frog” comes from Mark Twain, and it basically means that you handle the thing you least want to do first.

But, even though we hear this tip over and over, it might not be good for every one.

Because as a person with ADD, and poor executive function, doing the “big thing” first is not for me. And it may not be for you either. I like to knock out a few small tasks to get my work day started. Even though I get up early every day I find that doing more menial tasks first helps me get more done. I get my creative spurt later in the day and am far more productive later than earlier. Does that sound like you, too?

But, having said that, the following might apply to you and work just fine and for many, this is the best advice ever…

  • If you overcome your biggest challenge first, then everything else you do will feel easier by comparison.
  • Plus, tackling and accomplishing a challenge first thing is a great way to motivate yourself.
  • As the founding editor of Lifehacker.com, Gina Trapani tells us, your mind is clear first thing in the morning, and you’re not getting distracted by other demands. This is your chance to get things done!

5. Get rid of distraction. If you’re going to seize the day like a successful entrepreneur, it’s important to avoid distractions. That means not constantly checking your emails and social media as you get ready to work. In fact, not using your electronics, if you can, for at least 90-minutes after you get up, is a good way to keep your mind clear of things that might upset you, even if you think you’re immune. I’m thinking of the “news” here.

  • Starting the day with a heavy focus on the news, and your social media and phone alerts means you’re more likely to get easily distracted throughout the remainder of your day too.
  • To start the day in a more helpful way, why not try an activity that relaxes you? Up to 90% of the doctor’s visits reported per year come from stress-related problems. If exercise doesn’t lower your stress levels when you wake up, find something that does. I like to read. And yes, I often read books on my Kindle and my phone. But avoiding all that other stuff is the key.

6. Illuminate the possibilities. Finally, if you’re struggling to start the day on the right note, brighten things up again. Turning on multiple lights around the home and opening your curtains will actively wake you up. It’s the best way to tell the brain that the day has started.

  • Natural light actually tells your body to stop producing melatonin – the hormone you need for sleep. If you can, get outside in the sunshine within the first 30-minutes you are up. If you can walk barefoot in some grass, that’s a big bonus.
  • So get outside and breathe in some fresh air if you can. Natural light and a fresh dose of the great outdoors will put you in a great mood for work.
  • If you can’t quite make it outside, don’t panic. Brightening your indoors will help too.

Find Your Own Routine

These are just some examples of how to spend your morning like a successful entrepreneur. Remember that you can always put your own spin on these suggestions. Find out what works for you and add some rituals of your own.

Once you find what works for you, stick to it!

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