Green Improve ButtonMy first exposure to the self-improvement world was way back (waaaay back) when I graduated from high school and was given the “I Dare You Award.”

The award came with a book of self-improvement advice. I still have that book.

If I had really taken everything to heart and put into practice what was contained in that book I’d be a genius today. Ha!

Those of us who call ourselves soul proprietors — and that would include YOU — are continually seeking to improve ourselves. Doing so not only improves our own lives, but the lives of those closest to us, and the clients we serve.

September is Self-Improvement Month. A time when we can really focus on ourselves and take stock and make some positive changes.

Self-Improvement Month gives you a chance to build your marketing programs for the month around that theme, too. If you’ve been a bit squeamish about emailing your list very often, this is a great opportunity — and a good excuse — to kick that up a notch and send some extra, valuable tips to your clients and prospects.

There is an abundance of information out there for you to adapt to your own audience.

Kind of like what Success Magazine has done with their Self-Improvement Calendar. You might try doing something similar. Click here to see their calendar:

Plus, there are some good ideas there for your own self-improvement. Imagine that!

Got any great tips for self-improvement that you’d like to pass along? Share them in the comments section below. Thanks!