Thinker-123RFOne of the complaints I have about big corporations these days is how they seem to have such short-term thinking. The CEO’s of corporations seem to be only concerned about the coming quarter and whether there will be profit dividends for shareholders.

To hell with the future!

All well and good, I guess, if you’re a big corporation, but it’s often not just their customers who get short-changed with this kind of thinking, but their employees as well.

Short-term thinking (and planning) can be good

In spite of that type of short-term thinking, however, there is a huge benefit to you as a solo-entrepreneur and a soul proprietor to doing some short-term thinking for yourself.

In fact, a new study released by Psychological Science says that you’ll get 78% more accomplished if you think “short-term.”

The shorter time span triggers you to make immediate changes when needed.

That’s why I have my clients — and I do this myself, as well — make plans no more than 90 days out.

First, create a list of all the projects and activities that you want to get done during that 3-month period.

Then, at the beginning of every new month, from your 90-day list, decide what you will accomplish over just the next 30-days. (Notice I said “will accomplish” not “will do”?)

It may just be 3 projects or only one project if it is a biggie, like planning out a new program or course.

You’re less likely to put these things off. You’ll get a lot more done. And, if you need to adjust and make changes, you can do it pretty quickly.

Let me know, in the comments section below, what is the one big thing you’re going to tackle and get finished over the next 30-days.

And if you need help in creating your list, and making your own plans, I can help you do that. Sometimes just a new set of eyes on your business can help catapult you forward really fast. I’m always available for a no-selling zone CoffeeTalk.