Tweet, Tweet, TweetAs I slowly make my way into the Twitterverse, I’m trying to be careful not to make the same big mistakes that I see so many business people making in social media.

The biggest mistake: Selling too soon.

When someone follows me on Twitter I like to send a direct message back to them that I generate personally. I’m not using some robot to thank people. There may come a day that I will automate, but for now I’d rather make a personal connection.

And when I thank people for their follow I don’t try to sell them anything.

I would guess that at least 8 out of 10 times, when I follow someone, I get a message back — surely automated — thanking me for the follow and then asking me to buy something from them.

There’s time for all that selling to take place later. For now, just say “thanks” and engage your followers by sharing valuable, compelling, relevant information with them.