#5-Best Email Marketing Tips

Social media is good, but email marketing has a higher — and more easily measured — ROI.

Email Red with Arrow GraphicThe various social media outlets are great for getting the word out about who you are and what you do.

They’re even good for helping to build relationships with new people, but social media can only go so far, and is often a scatter-shot sort of marketing method.

You want to get as many people as possible that show interest in you onto your email marketing list so that you can really start building a relationship with them and to start the sales process.

People expect to be sold to when they put themselves on an email marketing list, but they don’t like be sold to while they’re being social on Twitter or Facebook.

As often as you can, give people in your social media communities the opportunity to get on your email marketing list. Send them to your sign up page to get your freebie.

Better yet, create something special just for your Twitter followers, or your Facebook friends, and let them know via your tweets and posts that you’ve got something special just for them. They’ll be happy to get on your list to get your gift.

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