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My Summer Marketing Plans

Even though it may look like I’m on a perpetual vacation toodling around the country in my RV, the reality is that most of the time you’ll find me right here in front of my computer working away.

Even though I’m looking forward to a little more time to relax this summer, I’m not slacking off on marketing my business (and I don’t think you should either).

I’ve been wanting to jump into the social media arena for quite some time now and I’ve dabbled in it a little already, mostly in fits and starts but mostly stops.

So I decided that diving into social media would be the perfect summertime marketing activity.

I’ve participated in enough teleclasses and various training programs about social media already to know that you really have to enter the social media world — if you intend to find clients there — with careful planning and consideration.

You have to keep in mind that the key word in social media is… SOCIAL. I see so many people jump onto Twitter, for instance, and make so many faux pas and I want to be certain I don’t make the same mistakes. So I’m learning as much as I can about the Big 3 and the best ways to use each one for business.

By the “Big 3” I mean Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

I’ll be learning about each one and diving in slowly with each one putting into practice what I learn and to ease myself into a routine.

I’ve heard so many conflicting suggestions regarding how to tackle each one, so if you have any social media learning resources that you like and that you’ve found to be really helpful, I’d love to hear about them. Add your resources and links to the comments section below so everybody else can benefit, too.

So, how about you? What are you going to be doing to market your business this summer? Make it easy on yourself and think about employing just one new marketing strategy this summer.

Will you…

  • Start an email marketing program (or re-vamp the one you’ve got going)?
  • Write a whole bunch of blog posts?
  • Start publishing an eZine?
  • Mail a few post cards?
  • Write a few thank you notes?
  • Finally write that ebook you’ve been thinking about?
  • Host some teleclasses?

Or will you join me in learning about and implementing a social media strategy?

I’ll be dutifully recording what I learn and what happens with my social media adventure and reporting to you what I find as I go along.

I’m also looking ahead to fall and making my fall marketing plans, too. I’ll clue you in on those when I get my plans finalized.

Here’s an idea: Share your summer marketing plans in the comment space below. By doing so, you’ll have put some thought into it, and you’ll have put it in writing, and that may be all the planning you need to do to make this summer your most profitable one yet. How cool would that be?