I’ve really been struggling with some issues around judging myself and comparing myself to others, and so my coach had me perform a ritual while I was out on the water on a boat with my friends recently, and I had no idea, at the time, just what a powerful impact this ritual would have on me.

People have been performing rituals for one reason or another for centuries.
I believe the power in a ritual comes from creating a space for us to be mindful of something very specific at a specific time, and then this power spills over into our day to day lives.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time comparing myself to others — and making myself feel awful around the belief that I’m not as good in my work as some other people — and in being terribly judgmental toward myself about what I perceive to be my inadequacies. Perhaps you can relate.

So my coach suggested that I take two rocks, mark one COMPARISON and the other JUDGMENT, and while out on the boat, drop each of those rocks in the water and affirm to myself that I am going to give up doing these things to myself.

Here’s what I noticed when I dropped the rocks in the water: they didn’t go straight down. They moved at an angle through the water before disappearing from sight. And I realized that my healing around comparison and judgment might not be a straight path either. So I have to be gentle with myself as I move into this new paradigm. After all, I didn’t get locked into this automatic responses overnight, and I will likely be spending a lot of time reminding myself to be gentle with myself.

The cool thing about having performed this ritual is that ever since then, when I notice myself being judgmental toward myself about something, or when I find myself getting back into the comparison game, I am reminded pretty quickly not to go there. The ritual is helping me to notice and be more aware.

Rituals can help out in many areas of your life

Many of my clients tell me how much they dislike marketing their business or how frustrating they find it having to do so much writing for their business, and I’ve often suggested to them that performing a ritual before they engage in those activities might help.

It can be as simple as lighting a candle in your work space, and then consciously connecting with your inner self, then reminding yourself that you have a sacred duty to make sure that the people who have the problems you solve are able to find you.

If you aren’t marketing your business, then the people who need you the most won’t know you exist and you’ll miss an opportunity to bring them healing. And to me, that’s a tragedy.

So if you ever hear yourself saying, “I hate marketing,” then you may find that performing a short ritual before engaging in marketing activities — like writing your ezine or preparing a presentation — is a way to remember that what you are doing in your work is making the planet a better place.

I’d love to hear if you perform any rituals within the context of your business or your daily life.
I know many of you meditate on a regular basis. I also find that simply writing in my journal can shift my perspective on things. How about you? What kind of rituals help you?

Join the conversation below.

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