Image of boy dealing with stacks of business papers.One weekend a couple of months ago I was in a serious state of procrastination when I asked myself, “if you don’t want to be doing this, what could you be doing instead that would make you feel super productive and happy at the same time?”

So I decided to clear out my bedroom closet.

I donated several large bags of clothing and shoes, organized my daily shirt of choice — the T-shirt — into colors, neatly folded shorts and jeans were placed on the shelf and then I organized my shoes in a neat row underneath all the clothes.

And what a joyful feeling that was.

The really cool thing for me is that the closet has stayed organized. The colored shirts are still all together, my dress clothes are neatly hanging and ready for when I need them, and the shelves and shoes are all neat and tidy.

That is so not me to do that. But I love the tidy look so much that I make it a point to keep it neat and organized.

So in keeping with my desire that you and I both have a better new year, I’m in the process of tidying up my office.

>> Clearing out the mountain of paper that I tend to generate every week that just grows and grows.

>> Getting the books back on the shelves and organized and just generally clearing my space so that when I walk into my office each day I’m not immediately paralyzed by a mess.

>> Clearing off my desk and with a plan to keep it that way.

Because things tend to be a tad slow the week between Christmas and the New Year, it’s a great time to get things cleaned up, organized, and tidy.

You may want to do the same thing I’m doing with your own office, getting ready for a truly clean start to the new year.

I always feel so much better when I come in to a clean desk every day. But I’m one of those people that suffers from “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome. So typically I have one corner of my desk that has a growing mountain of paper, and even that has started to annoy me.

So the new habit that I’m working to develop is that I have a small roll-around wire cabinet with a small drawer at the top and hanging folder space in the bottom drawer.

So each day, whatever projects I’m working on that involve paper and “stuff” I put in that top drawer before leaving the office.

After planning my “tomorrow” I put the stuff away and that is becoming my daily ritual for transitioning from my office and workday to my life “at home.” I believe that having some definitive transition from work to home is so important especially for those of us with the one-minute commute.

I’d love to know if you spend the next few days tidying up your office for the new year and how that feels for you. So please send me an email or comment below and let me know. Hearing from you just makes my day so much better.

Getting started on any clearing and cleaning job is the hardest part. Choose one little thing and go from there. For me, the easy part was picking up and re-shelving the books that had gotten stacked up on the floor.


My Best,

P. S. I’m so excited about the New Year. I’m looking forward to the many ways we can engage with each other and I’ve got some new plans to announce in just a few days. So stay tuned.

And know, too, that I appreciate you very much and I love having you as part of my soul proprietor community. Let’s have some fun together in 2015!