If you’ve been hearing all the buzz lately about how one can make a pretty incredible living with a membership site, and you’ve been mulling over the idea of starting your own, but you’re still on the fence about whether you should or not, here are the top five reasons that a membership site makes sense right now:

1. You want and need consistent income — With a membership site, once you’re established, you’ll be able to generate a specific amount of money each and every month. Selling a membership that pays you monthly is just as much work as selling a one-off product but it pays you month after month — not just once.

2. You can get started immediately — Some people will make creating and maintaining a membership site harder than it has to be. Sure you need some expertise, but you really can have a site up and going and live within thirty days (or less) if you follow the right process.

3. The money is in the list — You’ve surely heard that more than once (especially from me) but think of a membership site as yet another way to have a responsive list and a loyal following… followers that will buy from you over and over again. Anyone who pays you for a membership has demonstrated that they are your true followers, and they will typically buy more from you than just your membership  — like coaching, ebooks, producs and other services you offer.

4. It can outlive you — If you set up and brand your membership site correctly, in some cases, you can sell the membership site and retire. What could be better than that? And if you don’t want to retire, take those proceeds and create another empire.

5. It’s easy and simple — Even if you don’t want to do all the technical stuff, it’s easy these days to outsource the technicalities to people who know how to do it, and love doing it. You can find a technically inclined Virtual Assistant (I know a really good one, ask me) to help, or if you’re so inclined, you can do it yourself. With the technology available today it really pretty much is as simple as following instructions.

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