emailThe from line of my marketing emails reads:
Marty Marsh | Soul Proprietor.

That’s called a From Line Identifier, and it’s something I used to do a long time ago, and then got out of the habit. But it’s something I’m starting to do again, and you will want to do it, too.

Here is a sad reality:
no matter how important we think we are to the people on our list, they forget who we are really quickly. Not for any bad reason, but primarily because folks are pretty busy these days and they just simply get too much email.

Remember, they are all inbox weary.

So while they may not remember your name by itself, they may remember when they see your company name along with it.

Or, you may want to use an identifier for what the email is about.

For example:

Marty Marsh | Email Clinic
Marty Marsh | Workshops
Marty Marsh | Newsletter

One thing you never ever want to do is to just use your first name in the from line.

I get marketing emails all the time from: Debbie or Mike or David.

I know why they do this. Many marketing teachers will tell you that you want people to think they are getting a personal email from a friend so they will be more likely to open. That might work. Then again, it might just annoy people.

Your readers are not stupid. They do not need to be tricked.

That’s why I often put in the subject line of my emails something in brackets that identifies what’s inside. And yes, this too, often goes contrary to advice given by other marketers.

For example, one my recent email subject lines begins with [Email Tip].

And by the way, if you’re going to do this, studies have shown that you should use brackets […] and not parentheses (…).

I like folks to know what I’m sending them. If they’re interested, they’ll open and take a look.

So before you send another email out, create a from line identifier so your readers and subscribers won’t ever forget who you are.

Your VA will know how to adjust your “from line” if you don’t know how, or give me a shout. I can likely help you out, too.

My Best,

P. S. Don’t let anyone try to tell you that email marketing is dead. It is not. Along with other strategies and tactics in your marketing mix, email marketing is nearly at the top of the list.