We weathered the storms here in Florida last week with no problems. Many folks weren’t so lucky, and we continue to be grateful that over the last few years of living our gypsy lifestyle we’ve never experienced any problems from bad weather. We’ve had some scary moments but have always been safe.

Are you weathering a storm in your business right now? I’m hearing from so many people who are struggling because so much of their business has dried up in this dicey economy. Coaches, especially seem to have been hit particularly hard. I don’t believe in taking a pollyanna-ish attitude and pretending that things are okay when they really are not, but I also don’t believe in just sitting around worrying about how bad things are.

I doubt I’m telling you something you don’t already know, but those that are continuing to enjoy success these days are those who are actively doing something. I have a friend who is in real estate and while most real estate people I’ve met lately moan and groan about how bad things are, this particular friend is out there working every day to sell real estate. He is marketing his business, making a name for himself, and guess what? He’s also selling houses. Lot’s of them.

If you’ve experienced a downturn in your business, perhaps now is the time to experiment with new ideas—the more the better. The trick is to take a number of small, manageable risks and see what “sticks.” For example, you could offer a series of free, one-hour calls on a variety of topics and see which one gets the best response. Take a look at newspapers and online to determine what new problems this economy has created, and then offer some creative solutions. People will pay for solutions to their problems. Even in this “new” economy.

I’m curious how your business is doing these days. Are things going well for you? Have you had to adapt your offerings to keep going in this new economy? Have you given up? What’s happening for you? What are your plans for the future? I’d love it if you’d share your thoughts with me. You can share below.

Remember, any time you share what’s happening with yourself, you are likely helping someone else. And for me, that’s what being in business is all about.