Welcome Guest Newsletter

How to be the welcome guest;
not the unwanted pest.

BugsMe-CricketAre you looking for a simple way to market your business
with a more soft-sell approach?

Mailing a Newsletter or a NewsCard to your existing
clients and prospects is the ideal way to…

  • Nurture those relationships
  • Gain credibility
  • Boost your brand
  • Build trust
  • Showcase your benefits and – best of all –
  • Attract more paying clients without using any hard-sell tactics.

It’s the one surefire way that will have your prospects welcoming you rather than seeing you as just another pesky salesperson.

And when you let us create your Newsletter or NewsCard, you don’t have to do anything but reap the profits! (Well, you’ll still have to address them, put a stamp on ’em, and take them to the post office, but otherwise, we do all the heavy lifting. Of course, if you don’t want to do the addressing and mailing we can do that, too, and you won’t even have to go the post office.)

We offer a complete Done-4-You NewsCard publishing service. Whether you want to mail a Newsletter or NewsCard every month, once a quarter, or just seasonally, we’ve got a plan that will suit your budget and your marketing strategy.

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Get your FREE Newsletter Marketing Kit & Guidebook

Get your FREE Newsletter Marketing Kit and Guide by postal mail. Discover just how effective and easy a newsletter can be to attract more clients. (Currently available in the United States and Canada, ONLY.)

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Done-4-You Newsletters

Basic RGBWant to take advantage of the soft-selling power of a newsletter but don’t have the time or expertise to make it happen?

We can do it for you! Consistently. Affordably.

Learn more about Done-4-You Newsletters.
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Done-4-You Email Marketing

Email-ColorfulCircle-83836093Email Marketing can be a powerful tool in your marketing toolkit but only if you do it right. Learn how to do it right to generate goodwill and build a big list. Find out more about powerful email marketing here.