HeartinFingers150pxlIn a word: Everything.

Love is the secret ingredient to my business.

And I’ve been carrying on a love affair with my clients for years!

And finally. FINALLY. This message of “love your clients and they’ll love you back” is finally taking hold.

At first, I didn’t pay much attention to what was happening. Until I started getting e-mail messages and notes from my clients who were signing off with the word “love.” You know, “Love Sally”, “Love Joe”. That sort of thing.

And the realization gradually came over me that I really do love my clients. Not just “like” them. Love them.
So I started looking for why I loved my clients so much. And for why they loved me back.

(I was really clear that it wasn’t about the money they were spending with me.)

What I discovered is that being in love with your clients and them loving you back is all about making the personal connection you make with them.

Business, just like life, is a popularity contest.

People do business with other people whom they know, like, and trust.

Before our customers and clients can love us, they must first get to know us. Then decide if they like us. And then come around to trusting us. Only then will they begin loving us.

You ARE your business.

Ask any of your best customers why they are using your services and buying your products and chances are they’ll say it’s because they like you. And they enjoy working with you. (Not because you have the lowest prices. Or the nicest office.)

This know-like-trust-love connection doesn’t happen accidentally. It only works when you actively work to build relationships with those people you want to do business with.

Communication plays a big role in this process — both the verbal and non-verbal kind.

Continual communication with your prospects, existing customers and new clients is crucial to developing this know-like-trust-love connection.

And that’s really what stay-in-touch marketing is all about — strengthening that initial connection by building the relationship.

And building that relationship through a variety of means.

In-person — or as a favorite author of mine, LaVonne Ellis calls it: IRL — In Real Life — is the ideal way to start a relationship.

In-person means you can often get the “know and like” part covered during the first encounter. Half your work is already done. The trust and love part comes later.

But most of your relationships are going to be built online. And that’s why you must have a robust stay-in-touch marketing system in place.

So in place of meeting you IRL, they’ll be meeting you through your words. And through your generosity.
Give, give, give. Your best stuff. Always.

And people will naturally be drawn to you and love you like I love you.

When you strive to connect in meaningful ways, you’re well on your way to your own great love affair with each client you meet.

There’s a lot more to share about this love topic. I’ve got some love secrets that aren’t really secrets. But they are if you don’t know about them yet. But I’ll share those another time.

Happy Valentines Day!

Marty “Lovin’ You is Easy” Marsh

P. S. Tim Sanders says, in his book, The Likeability Factor, that there are four critical elements that must be in place in order for your customers/clients to start knowing, liking, trusting, and then loving you:

Be friendly. Be relevant. Be empathetic. Be real.

Yeah! And be a lover!