So, how did you spend the first week of the new year?

I hope not like me.

I’ve been flat-on-my-back sick as a dog since the first day.

Which I hope means that the rest of the year will only be up and up and up.

When I ordered up a bag of Hall’s cough drops, I was surprised to find that each drop was wrapped in a paper sporting motivational messages described as a “pep talk in every drop.”

Good advice indeed for those of us facing business and marketing challenges, but not so sure about for people who are so sick they just need to sleep and to stay as far away from other human beings as they can.

But forthwith, their pithy cough drop advice:

Seize the day!
Buckle down and push forth!
Nothing you can’t handle!
Be unstoppable!
Power through!
Don’t waste a precious moment!
Bet on yourself!
Push on!
High-five yourself.

…and my absolute favorite:

Put a little strut in it.

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All the best,