A group of colorful social media people.Soul Proprietors are, by their very nature, social people. For them, marketing their business or practice is all about connection, engagement and building relationships.

So it is not uncommon for a soul proprietor to be especially drawn to social media as a way of connecting and growing their business or practice. Soul Proprietors just naturally love other people.

Many soul proprietors have jumped on the Facebook Page bandwagon with some even abandoning their websites and blogs altogether in favor of a Facebook Page. It seems so much easier — and a lot more fun — than the other options for spreading the word about their business.

This is, however, a huge mistake. Using Facebook alone is just not enough in the world of online marketing to make a difference to your bottom line. Here’s why.

Your Online Presence Needs Many Entry Points

To attract your perfect-fit audience today you must have several ways for them to find you. Yes, you probably do need to use social media like Facebook, in concert with your website or a squeeze page.

But your website should be considered the main source — the hub — for all of your social media sharing. Your entire focus with social media should be to drive traffic, increase engagement, and improve the ranking of your website. Having only one point of entry into your business will leave out a lot of people.

Facebook Is Not Set Up to Provide Information in a Cohesive Way

If someone wants more information after seeing a post on Facebook, even if they go to your Facebook Page, it’s often very hard for them to find that info. Posts go by very quickly and they get hidden in the crowd. But, from Facebook, you can lead them to your website which will have the information for your audience displayed in a cohesive way. They’ll be able to contact you easier, and get more information from your website than they can on even the best made Facebook Page.

You Need to Build an Email List Too

While many people may communicate with you via your Facebook Page, you also need to build an email list. You’ve heard it said that “the money is in the list” and it’s not an exaggeration. Building an email list is probably the most important factor in any business’s success or failure.

Because it is so random, communicating to your audience only through Facebook just isn’t enough. You must also build a targeted email list, capturing their information and sending up-to-date information to subscribers often. Your email list is still the best form of direct marketing that exists online today.

You Don’t Own Your Facebook Page

That’s right, you don’t own your Facebook Page and you can’t back it up. You could be shut down by the powers that be at Facebook for any reason on any given day. In addition, not every person who “likes” your page actually sees your updates. Facebook decides who sees your updates. You can pay for sponsored posts so that those who have already “liked” you can see your posts, but why should you have to do that?

Facebook should be part of your marketing strategy. It should not BE your marketing strategy.

Remember, the operative word in social media is “social.” That’s what it’s for. To have fun, to meet people, to share a part of your life, and to create relationships. Ask just about anybody who uses Facebook and they won’t tell you they hang out there for the marketing messages.

Facebook can be an important part of your online marketing, but it’s not the only online marketing you should be doing. In fact, it’s not even the most important factor.

The most important factor in your online marketing efforts is your own website. You control it, you own it, and you won’t be wiped out just because someone else decides your content isn’t good enough, or appropriate. You can’t be wiped out without any warning like you can with social media like Facebook.

Until and unless these facts change, you still need a self-hosted website — or at the least, a squeeze page — where you drive traffic from social media. And once they’re there, capture their contact information so you can market to them again and again and with their full attention.

Please share, in the comment section below, how you are using social media to grow your business and how it is working out for you. Thank you!

And if you need to build an online presence with a marketing-focused website or squeeze page, let’s talk about it.