Image of an email stampI’ve been cleaning up my inbox, unsubscribing from some lists that aren’t really my cup of tea anymore, and simply changing the email address on some of them so that I can manage them better.

My goal everyday is to have a clean inbox, but I get so much stuff it is getting harder and harder to do.

Now, I signed up for these lists for a reason: the person offers some good advice and some good stuff. And I want to read it all. The reality is that I can’t. So I’m moving most of those items to an email manager that I can check less frequently and still not feel like I’m missing anything.

The thing that is frustrating me right now is that some of these list owners make it extremely difficult to either get off their lists or to change the email address. You gotta click here and change that, or sign in and change that, and if you don’t remember the password then you’ve got to jump through hoops to get that.

My most recent experience was with a service that will remain nameless that requires I request information to change my email address. So I have to ask for that, then wait for the email, then click on the email link, then make the change. If you want to unsubscribe you have to retype in your email address and submit that and then hope for the best. To me, too frustrating and too time consuming.

It’s maddening.

Don’t do this to your list subscribers!

In email marketing you want to make two things easy for your readers:

1. Make it easy to get ON your list.


2. Make it easy to get OFF your list.

Never worry about unsubscribes because those people are simply self-qualifying themselves. Or rather, self-disqualifying themselves, because they obviously are not the people who would buy from you. So let them go.

And let them go easily. It should be as close to 1-click easy as you can make it to get off your list. This procedure, of course, totally depends on the email service provider you’re using. I use a couple of different providers myself because I have different needs, but the one I recommend to folks just starting out or needing to make a change is Aweber.

When your subscribers are ready to go they just click, make a selection and they’re gone. Plus, if they want to change their email address, it’s simply click, type, and go.

Easy peasy. As it should be.

Give Aweber a test drive (yes, this is an affiliate link)…

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