#3-Best Email Marketing Tips…

Email Red with Arrow GraphicBefore you start email marketing, come up with a profit plan. Will you sell your own products, add affiliate links, sell advertising or all of the above?

To be truly successful with an email marketing program you must have a plan. You don’t have to plan out the whole year, but planning for the next couple of months or the next quarter is a good idea. This way you can take advantage of any upcoming holidays or special monthly designations — like Get Organized Month — and nothing will catch you by surprise.

You’ll want to plan out each of your promotional emails and when you’ll be sending them. You can mix them up with other more content oriented emails so your list is always getting good information as well as valuable offers.

Remember, the whole point of email marketing is to get sales. A good plan will help you do that, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply take a calendar that you can write on, and figure out each day you plan to send an email. Now, designate what kind of email it is going to be. Promotional? Or simply educational? You want a good mix of both types.

Your plan will keep you on track and you’ll have happy subscribers who welcome your emails every time you send one.