Your Fresh Start

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If you’re finding yourself feeling restless, sluggish or bored, it may be time for a fresh start.

New beginnings — like what we get with every new year — are a great way to close out the old, and move on in a healthier and happier direction. While new beginnings can seem scary (every change comes factory-equipped with a tinge of fear, after all), they aren’t as hard as they initially seem, and the benefits often far outweigh the risks. 

So as you think about possibilities that await you in the new year, ask yourself these 3 revealing questions:

1.    What Were The Highlights of the Past Year? 

One way to move forward with a new plan is to look back at the old plan. Knowing what worked about the last 12 months can help you determine how you’d like to spend the next 12. As you reflect, pay special attention to the moments when you felt the most grounded, authentic, challenged and fulfilled, and write down everything you remember about those instances. 

2.    What Do You REALLY Want? 

The number one reason that people don’t get what they want is that they don’t know what they want. The number two reason is that they know what they want, but they are too scared to pursue it. What is it that you want so badly that it scares you? Excites you? Gives you tingles and makes your gut drop? Be sure to acknowledge that desire honestly, whether or not you’re ready to do anything about it. Take time to write it down because when you know what lights you up, your perspective naturally shifts, and your mind starts working in the background to make it come to reality. 

3.    What Does Beginning Again Mean To You? 

We don’t have to wait for a new year to start anew. New beginnings are everywhere, from the sunrise each morning to the changing of the seasons. New homes, new jobs, new life… new beginnings are built into your existence, and they all mean something different to each of us. What might a fresh start look like for you? Write it down. 

If you’re ready to shake things up and add some zest to your life going forward, spend time pondering these three questions.  It’s up to you to start something new, and fortunately it doesn’t take a mighty effort to bring some shine back to your life. Simple shifts can trigger the new beginning you desire. 

How Will You Start Fresh Today?

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