Welcome Soul Proprietors!

“I believe that you can be the greatest catalyst for good in the world by having a successful business!” — Marty Marsh, Soul Proprietor

Are you a great Coach, Speaker, Author
or other Heart-Centered Business Owner…
but no one knows it?

Are you a holistic-entrepreneur who operates a small professional practice, yet you hold a Big Vision for what you want to accomplish in the world?

Is your business mission to help solve the problems of as many people as you can?

Do you have a sincere desire to make a unique contribution to the world through your small or professional service practice but have found that the traditional models for business, marketing, and selling leave you feeling cold?

If this sounds like you, then you’re definitely a “soul” proprietor. Let me invite you to consider a more meaningful and authentic soul-centered, heart-based way of doing business that:

  • Allows you to attract the clients who are the most perfect fit for you so you can share your talents and gifts with them;
  • Allows you to experience the joy of earning your true worth which allows you to create as much material abundance and financial security as you desire which in turn allows you to share more good with others;
  • Allows you to engage fully and authentically with your clients which creates long lasting relationships;
  • Allows you to find more meaning in your work so that every day is a joy-filled experience for both you and your clients.

Here at MartyMarsh.com, we help soul-centered professional practitioners and business owners just like yourself to discover…

  • An inspired vision and plan for your business
  • A definition of growth that suits you best
  • Creative ways to build and maintain relationships with your clients
  • A variety of heart-based marketing strategies that will attract your perfect-fit clients

If you want a successful, joy-filled, profitable practice or business that allows you to bring your talents and gifts to the world, then you’ve come to the right place for the help you need to get you there.

How do you get started? Here are my top 3 recommendations:

Right Marketing Mix Cover Graphic 75x841. Get your free copy of my eBook, “The Right Marketing Mix for Soul Proprietors” along with occasional ezines, newsletters, and other pertinent messages from time to time, each providing practical tips, tools, and commentary on how to bring your authentic self to your business. ==> Click here and you’ll have your eBook in just a few minutes.

Woman Listening with Headphones2. Listen to the recording of Marty’s 9 Best Practices for Growing Your Business Teleclass. Then, attend Marty’s regular free teleclasses and webinars as often as you like to learn more about managing and marketing your successful business or professional practice. ==> Click here to listen now.

3. Join the Soul Proprietor Private Facebook Group, a global community of heart-based, soul-centered entrepreneurs who are all dedicated to a common purpose: To live a life of joy, satisfaction and wealth by creating a business that makes a positive difference in the lives of the people we serve while sharing inspiration, celebration and promotion with each other and the world. ==> Visit the Soul Proprietor Group Page, then click on Join Group. Because this is a private group, an administrator will need to approve you.

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